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 Guides for Classes

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PostSubject: Guides for Classes   Wed Jan 12, 2011 5:26 am

Here is some information/links that will help you learn/relearn about some of the classes in 2.4.3, mostly for dps.

-Melee DPS caps-
-Hit cap for special attacks and white attacks when not DWing is 9%(Some say 8% others say 9% so until I can find a real answer for this...), you need 142 hit rating with 0 talents that add hit to get that cap.
-Bosses have a 6.25% chance to dodge and cannot parry your attacks when you're behind them, 26 expertise is the cap for dodge. Here is a little chart from EJ to explain how much expertise rating you need. Talents only count for warriors specced into Weapon Mastery. The bosses have a higher chance to parry than to dodge, so always make sure you aren't attacking the boss from the front.
* No racial, No talent: 99 Expertise Rating
* Human/Orc racial, No talent: 79 Expertise Rating
* No racial, 1/2 talent: 83 Expertise Rating
* No racial, 2/2 talent: 68 Expertise Rating
* Human/Orc racial, 1/2 talent: 64 Expertise Rating
* Human/Orc racial, 2/2 talent: 48 Expertise Rating
-When Dual-Wielding you have a much higher % to miss on white attacks, I believe the chance to miss while DWing on white attacks is 28%. So hit rating provides some benefit past the special attack cap for people who dual-wield.

-Caster DPS caps-
-Casters have a 17% chance to have spells miss against boss level mobs, 1% can never be effected by hit so their cap is 16%. Now while that sounds like a lot of hit to get, most casters have talents that provide some hit rating. And having an elemental shaman in your group with Totem of Wrath down grants you 3% more hit, so if you know you will always be with one you don't have to aim for 16% hit with just your own rating/talents.
-Spell penetration is mostly a pvp stat, I admit some bosses have some resistance to your spells but the amount of these bosses are very small. Also having a warlock curse the target reduces the amount of resistance it has by a lot.
-However bosses can have passive resistance to your spells that you cant overcome and will just have to live with.
- talks all about what a caster would want to know about this stuff.

-Tanking "caps"-
-You need at least 490 defense(not rating) to become crit immune to bosses. This is an important thing to get as a tank because what will kill you the most is the boss suddenly bursting you down before the healers can react. People may call this the defense cap but it is NOT a cap, defense still gives chance to miss/parry/dodge/block past 490. It isn't as good point for point as dodge rating would be past 490, but it isn't to be viewed like an arms warrior views hit that takes him over 9%. Druids have a lower amount of crit reduction need from gear though, because of their talent Survival of the Fittest reducing their chance to be crit by 3% so they only need to find 2.6% crit reduction on their gear. This is a good thing because you wear leather and it is hard to find leather made for tanking meaning the amount of defense rating you will have is going to be a lot lower than a warrior or paladin's. Resilience also works to reduce your chance to be crit by bosses even though it is a pvp stat so pvp gear may be an alternative for you.

-The second thing to do to prevent yourself from being bursted down by a boss is to become uncrushable. To become uncrushable you must reach at least 102.4% when combining your total avoidance(miss/block/dodge/parry) in other words, any time you get hit by a melee attack it should be blocked. Druids however cannot reach this, but they get a lot more armor/stamina than the other tanks to make up for this. Warriors don't have to worry about this as much because having shield block grants them 75% block which makes the cap easy to reach(Just remember to keep using it and not let it sit off CD though ). Prot paladins are the ones who will be concerned with this the most, because they only have 30% block granted from their ability. Making it so they have a lot to make up for to reach the cap. Shield block rating will help a prot paladin the most for getting to this cap in terms of point for point, even though blocking an attack isn't as great as dodging an attack it beats dodging an attack and then eating some crushing blows.

-A macro to help see if you're at the point of being uncrushable exists though.
/script DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage("Need 102.4 combined avoidance. Currently at:",0.8,0.8,1)
/script DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage(GetDodgeChance()+GetBlockChance()+GetParryChance()+5+(GetCombatRating(CR_DEFENSE_SKILL)*150/355 + 20)*0.04,1,0.5,0)
Copy and paste that into a macro and then cast your block ability and click the macro and you will see the current amount you have.

-A friendly reminder to keep your debuffs up on the boss! Thunderclap and demoralizing shout and roar are great for reducing the amount of damage you will take and should always be kept on the boss you are tanking unless it is hitting so weak that you are getting rage starved and are in danger of losing aggro. Paladins please make sure you use a weapon with spell damage when tanking so you can hold aggro!

-Random Healer Info-
-If you're feeling that you have huge mana problems you may want to think about how you're spending your mana. There are plenty of ways to get more bang for your buck as a healer, if you find that you would overheal with a spell on a guy who needs a heal, you may choose to down rank it so that it heals closer to the amount the person needs healed and costs less mana. Some down ranks are surprisingly powerful, like Greater Heal Rank 1 for a priest. While it is slow and wont keep anyone alive from serious damage, it offers amazing mana per healing and is great to use to heal people that aren't in any danger of dying.
-If you wish to see the information of your spells to compare the cost and efficiency get the addon DrDamage. It will tell you all you need to know when making decisions of how good a heal or its rank is. It can be found on along with some other addons that work for 2.4.3.
-If you are a healer that uses spirit as a form of mana regeneration(Priest or Druid) you can also plan to get out of the 5 second rule. The 5 second rule is what determines how much mp5 you get, if you casted a spell(and that means actually casting it, not in the cast or a canceled spell) for the next 5 seconds you will only get the amount of mana listed in the "While casting" part of on your spell tab. But if you can go 5 seconds without spending mana you will switch to the "While not casting" regen part which will be a lot higher for the two healers that can use spirit. Now going for that long without a heal sounds challenging and feels unreliable at first, but there are ways that you can still cast heals and keep the while not casting regen.
For example say I'm a holy priest and my Clearcasting talent just procced, to get the most out of it I wait until the tank can use a max rank Greater Heal and I cast it on him. I didn't spend any mana on that spell so I'm still regenerating mana as if I weren't casting. Then I decide to take advantage of this and pop my Inner Focus and get ready to fire off another max rank Greater Heal when it is needed. This didn't cost mana either so I will keep regenerating mana at an increased pace until I cast my 3rd spell which would cost mana. At higher levels of spirit this can easily change you from a healer going oom to a healer with plenty of mana.
-Don't be gentle with your mana pots, once you lose enough mana so that you can pop one without wasting any of the mana do so. Waiting till you're very low on mana just increases the amount of time you will have to wait until you can use a second one, this can mean a difference of getting 3 mana pots on a boss instead of 2.

-Healing with mouseover macros and addons that make it so clicking on a health bar automatically casts a spell at that person will help a lot with lowering the amount of time you take to react.
My preferred addons for this is using Clique in combination with Grid. You can find clique here ... l#archives download the file with
10-15-2008 02:51 AM as its date. To bind a spell to your mouse click when you downloaded it, open your spell book and you will see a new tab, click on that tab and the options for clique will come up. Then click "Custom" and then "Cast Spell" You only need to fill in the Spell's name and if you want to use a lower rank, the rank you want's number. Then just click on "Set Click Binding" with the mouse click you wish for that spell to be, like I want it to cast Greater Heal when I hold down shift and click with my left mouse button on a unit frame so I hold down shift and click on the "Set Click Binding" It can do many other things but that is the basics for setting up your heals. Remember you can use modifiers(alt, shift, ctrl) to increase the amount of mouse clicks you can bind.
Grid for 2.4.3 can be found here

-Meta gems-
While there are many meta gems there are few choices when it comes to PvE.
For casters that can use crit effectively(That means they cast a lot of spells that can crit and have a talent to increase their crit damage like Ruin for warlocks) there is only Chaotic Skyfire Diamond. Any other meta will be dps lost compared to that unless you're something like a shadow priest of affl warlock. Those two would rather use Ember Skyfire Diamond, sure 2% int sounds piss poor but it offers 14 spell damage and the requirements to activate it are so kind to casters that if you can't activate it you are either wearing gear with no gem slots or doing something wrong.

For melee(I don't know anything about hunters so lalalalala) you should only have your eyes set on Relentless Earthstorm Diamond, it is basically Chaotic Skyfire for melee. Not much to explain here.

For healers Insight Earthstorm Diamond is the only meta in your heart(and helm!). Now you may notice it isn't kind in what it requires to work, but thats okay because he is so good he could demand that you jump off a bridge and you would. To show a chart taken from WoWhead to explain how this meta w/ a 5% proc chance to restore 300 mana wins the hearts of all the healers...
Spell cast every 5 seconds -> 12 casts/minute -> 180 mana/minute -> 15 mp5
Spell cast every 3 seconds -> 20 casts/minute -> 300 mana/minute -> 25 mp5
Spell cast every 2 seconds -> 30 casts/minute -> 450 mana/minute -> 37,5 mp5
Spell cast every 1.5 seconds -> 40 casts/minute -> 600 mana/minute -> 50 mp5
As you can see its value increases dramatically when you're healing a lot, and that is a good thing because what other time requires mp5 as much as when you're forced to shoot out heals really fast. For holy paladins who can spam flash of light this thing becomes godly. To compare the amount of win that is this gem I will take a t4 paladin helm and compare it to a ZA head using the cast every 1.5 second part of the chart.
Gemming them with their best gems we get a difference of...
T4: +1 int +50 mp5
ZA: +1 Stamina +38 Healing +31 Crit rating
So lets see how that compares in terms of the budget. Taking the extra healing and crit the ZA helm had and seeing how many gems it would take to get that we get 5.986 and so on. So roughly 6 gems worth. Now for the mp5, we get 16.666 so on pure mp5 gems. So that lets you see the overwhelming difference in terms of the budget t4 has over ZA. +Healing is nice and +crit is okay, but the amount of mp5 t4 has pretty much blows them out of the water.

As a tank there are really only two choices Powerful Earthstorm Diamond and Eternal Earthstorm Diamond. Powerful offers 18 stamina and like Ember Skyfire Diamond its requirements are kind. Eternal offers 12 Defense rating and 10% Block Value while also requiring at least 1 yellow gem in addition to the blue ones. It also isn't found on the vendors so you would have to find a Jewelcrafter with Shattered Sun rep and supply the mats most likely to have it made, making it rather inconvenient.

Some old EJ guides that should help you learn the basics and maybe even a few tricks of your class that I found.
Rogue -
Warlock - ... ompendium/
DPS Warriors -
Holy Priests - ... endium_v2/
Hunter shot guide?(Like I said hunters are not my forte) - ... lustrated/
Arcane Mages - ... ost_2_4_a/
Feral Druids(Both kitty and bear) -
Prot Warriors -
Mini Ret - pally guide ... eorycraft/ Send the people who think you're useless here to show them the power of JoW!
Holy Paladins -
Resto Shamans(sorry ele/enh couldn't find a guide for you) - ... ing_guide/

Basic Guidelines and Benchmarks
While bear tanks have a fair amount of flexibility in their gear selection, from feral pvp gear, feral pve gear, to even rogue pve gear, there are a few basic guidelines that a feral tank should "bear" in mind. These are not in any particular order, as a good feral tank will work to balance all these items while meeting minimum specifications.
With Survival of the Fittest (a talent that every feral tank should have) which gives 3% decreased chance to be crit, you need a Defense skill of 415, or a total of 5.6% decreased chance to be crit, in order to be uncrittable against the average boss-level monster, who is always considered to be 3 levels above you (Your mileage may vary in regards to Sunwell Plateau due to the hidden Sunwell Radiance buff - it is generally believed that this is a harbinger of things to come in WOTLK). This is of critical importance for a feral tank as a bear can never become immune to Crushing Blows. Any defense over the cap of 415 is largely wasted. Some will argue that the added defense skill still gives you some bonuses to dodge, however you are much better dumping the extra defense points and investing in additional agility or stamina.

Some of this anti-crit can also come from Resilience, a stat that is very common on easily-obtained PvP gear, for example the Dragonhide Battlegear and all the arena sets. Its value compared to Defense is disputed at various level of the tanking progression, as it is weighted differently in the item budget. In either case:

25 defense, or 60 rating, for 1% less crit/more dodge/more miss
39.4 resilience for 1% less crit and 1% less damage from DOTs
Druids can reach the highest levels of raw damage mitigation through armor. At 31,672 armor, a feral tank will reach the 75% cap for damage mitigation from armor against a level 70 mob. The cap against Raid Bosses (level 73) is 35,880 armor.
Agility and dodge are key feral tanking stats as they are the only method a bear has to avoid incoming damage (as opposed to a Warrior or Paladin's block and parry). A newly 70 feral tank should aim for a dodge in the 30% range. Once a bear moves deeper into the raiding environment, they should have enough knowledge to determine how they want to spec their gear. As a general rule of thumb, agility is preferred over dodge as agility adds slightly to your armor and critical rating and scales with stat buffs such as Blessing of Kings.

The last key stat for a bear tank to focus on is stamina. Feral tanks can reach the highest levels of hit points of all the tanking classes. This is important to a feral tank since without block, parry, and immunity to crushing blows, their only option is to "eat" the spike damage. A new feral tank should aim for 12,000 to 14,000 hit points self-buffed. If you have reached the defense cap of 415, do not be afraid to gem all your open slots with [Solid Star of Elune], regardless of gem set bonuses.

One item that should be touched on, but is more important for raiders than for the casual bear tank is hit rating. There are many times when adding a little hit rating will have a significant impact in a player's threat per second.

An important note is that to get crit immune, resilience is also a good option for a bear tank, as 39.4 resilience gives the same crit chance reduction as 25 defense. This means roughly that 40 resilience equals 60 defense rating for a level 70 character. Resilience does not give dodge like defense does, but is often easier to obtain and cheaper in Blizzards item budget so overall a slightly better way to get crit immune as stacking defense rating

Just posted this because I saw a lot of people asking questions in LFG chat about some of the basics, if you find any information wrong or know of other information that I didn't cover(or more links to guides for classes in 2.4.3) please tell me.

Hope this was helpful to someone.
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dang dude good job bud.
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I wont take any credit out of it.
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Guides for Classes
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