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2.4.3 Laguna-Realm @ World of Warcraft.
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 Game Master Application

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PostSubject: Game Master Application   Mon Jan 03, 2011 1:30 pm

Name : Jess (IRL Name : Jessica Ivy Maura)
Age: 17
Location/ Current GMT: Westland (Nederland) (GMT +1)
What Languages do you speak : Basically English.
Have you been a GM before? If yes, then where. : Overall I was GM of test servers launched from me, but not ready server as LagunaWoW.
Why are you applying? : Because I spend much time in the game, and I think I can be useful to other players on the server.
Tell us about yourself. : I'm Jessica Ivy Maura, 17 years old
I'm from Japan - Kamatsu , but i live in EU atm. (I don't wanna talk about why) I like adventures, my friends (InGame) and IRL I'm always friendly even with people who hate me.

Happy NEW Year to ALL santa
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Game Master Application
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